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Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach - Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid, Untreated Heirloom and Open-Pollinated Spinach Vegetable Garden Seeds
Bloomsdale Long Standing
Open Pollinated
Bloomsdale Long Standing (Long Standing, Bloomsdale Savoy Long Standing, Bloomsdale Long Standing Dark Green, American Bloomsdale Extra Long Standing) (Spinacia oleracea)
39-60 days       An excellent old-time favorite heirloom spinach variety, dependable and delicious, by far the most popular variety on the market! Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach stands well in hot weather, without bolting (going to seed prematurely). Theses vigorous, semi-upright savoyed (crumpled) spinach leaves are dark-green and glossy, with a thick, fleshy texture. The sweet and tender leaves are highly nutritious and low in calories. High in Vitamins A, B, and C, and a great source of folic acid, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and riboflavin. Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach is great steamed, boiled, or cooked in your favorite recipe calling for spinach. Makes a great salad by itself with your favorite toppings or add spinach leaves to your favorite salad greens for an extra boost in vitamins and minerals. A great choice for multiple plantings. For first crop, sow in spring. Plant again in late summer. In mild winter areas, fall plantings yield in early spring.
Item No.   SpBLS
200 Non-Hybrid Spinach Seeds
per pack

Malabar Spinach - Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid, Untreated Heirloom and Open-Pollinated Spinach Vegetable Garden Seeds
Open Pollinated
Malabar (a.k.a. Basella, Ceylon Spinach, Indian Spinach, Land Kelp, Malabar Nightshade, Malabar Climbing Spinach, Poi Sag, Vine Spinach) (Basella alba)
60-70 days       This lovely variety is highly decorative, easy to grow, and very nutritious. Malabar spinach is a native of Africa and Southeast Asia, and is perfect for hot climates, as it loves hot, humid weather, producing fast and luxurious growth. An excellent choice for those who want spinach in the Summer! Malabar Spinach does not bolt (go to seed prematurely), even in extreme heat. Vigorous climbing plants grow to 6-10', producing big glossy bright-green leaves. Young leaves can be cooked and added to recipes. Great in soups, stews, stir-fry, steamed, boiled or in tofu dishes. In Japan, it is cooked in tempura or braised and topped with a sesame dressing. Do be careful not to overcook as it can become slimy. Fresh leaves make a great salad. Leaves are similar in texture and flavor to kelp or swiss chard, and some say the flavor reminds them of beets. Often used as a thickening agent in the Orient, or in place of okra in the South. Leaves can also be used to make a tea. Vines do need a trellis or an arbor to climb, makes a lovely ornamental addition to any garden! Frost sensitive.
Item No.   SpMal
50 Non-Hybrid Spinach Seeds
per pack

New Zealand Spinach - Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid, Untreated Heirloom and Open-Pollinated Spinach Vegetable Garden Seeds
New Zealand
Open Pollinated
New Zealand Everbearing, Everlasting, Tetragone, Della Nuova Zelanda, Perpetual Spinach, Sea Spinach) (Tetragonia tetragonioides)
50-70 days       A very old heirloom introduced into England in 1772 by Sir Joseph Banks; reported to have been discovered during the South Seas expedition of Captain Cook. New Zealand Spinach is not a true spinach, but is similar in flavor and use, in fact some prefer it to regular spinach. This variety is a perennial, but is typically grown as a warm-weather annual. Large, strong, spreading plants branch out, sprawling freely, producing small, brittle, fleshy, deep-green leaves. New Zealand Spinach is a warm season vegetable that grows well in hot weather and dry conditions. Most true spinach goes to seed and becomes bitter during warm summer months, however this great heirloom variety will not. New Zealand Spinachwill not bolt (go to seed prematurely), or get bitter. Use the same as your regular spinach. Great fresh for salads or on sandwiches in place of lettuce. Also excellent cooked and added to dishes calling for spinach. A great source of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C! For best absorption of these valuable nutrients it is recommended to blanch the leaves for 3 minutes, then refresh in cold water. In their natural form, the nutrients are hard to digest and absorb, however blanching changes them into a form more easily digested by the body. Disease and insect resistant, a good alternative to disease and pest prone regular spinach varieties.
Item No.   SpNeZ
25 Non-Hybrid Spinach Seeds
per pack

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