Planting & Growing Instructions for Heirloom / Open Pollinated Okra

Heirloom Okra Seed

(Abelmoschus esculentus)

Heirloom / Open Pollinated Okra is a tender, heat loving annual. Heirloom Okra seed can be direct sown in hot climates, or started indoors 3-4 wks before the last frost for an early crop or in cooler climates. Soaking Okra seeds for 2 hours before planting will speed germination. To start Heirloom Okra seeds indoors plant ½” deep in 3″ pots. Outdoors plant seeds 1-2 weeks after last frost, ½” deep, 4-8″ apart, in rows 36″ apart. Thin Okra plants to or set out transplants 12-24″ apart. Plant or set Okra out in full sun. Germination should occur in 7-15 days in soil 70-90°F. Harvest Okra pods often, to encourage continuous fruit set. Cut fruit from plant with shears or knife (to prevent damage to plant), when tender pods are 2-4″ long. Okra plants have short hairs that can be irritating to the skin. If irritation occurs wear long sleeves and gloves when harvesting.