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Organic gardening has grown significantly in recent years, as we learn more and more that pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics and chemical fertilizers sprayed on crops can seep into the soil. Chemical fertilizers can result in too much nitrogen in the soil, and the runoff can kill fish in nearby lakes and rivers, and destroy native plants.  Long term, these toxic chemicals can disrupt the delicate balance of nutrients in the soil, causing it to be too acidic and leach nutrients, resulting in smaller crops.

Research has shown these harmful chemicals may cause cancer, and combined with pesticides, severely affect the nervous, endocrine, and immune system, especially in children. Many Americans are searching for more nutritious, chemical-free alternatives to prevent soil contamination and soil loss, water pollution and the poisoning and death of insects and birds.

Many farmers now believe that plants will flourish and yield tastier, juicier and healthier produce if they are nurtured without these deadly chemicals, and are making the decision to become ‘Certified Organic’.  To be considered organic, it is crucial to plant organic seeds in healthy, nutrient-rich soil, and to use alternative, natural methods that have existed for thousands of years to grow a healthy crop.  To successfully grow 100% certified organic seeds or plants, the farmer or gardener must create a natural balance with the soil and plants.  Organic growers use animal manure and compost as fertilizer, and will rotate crops to keep the soil healthy.

The standards to become ‘100% Certified Organic’ are exacting and strict to ensure your seeds or produce are 100% organic.  So be safe, and order your 100% certified organic seeds from St. Clare’s today!

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Showing all 46 results