Beet – Detroit Dark Red (Organic)

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250 Organic Detroit Dark Red Seeds per pack

(Beta vulgaris) 58 days.       The Organic Detroit Dark Red Beet, an all-time favorite, has a full, round globe, uniformly deep red in color. This Organic beet is known for it’s sweet flavor, and smooth texture. Detroit Dark Red tops are dark green and 12″ – 15″ tall, making good greens. An Organic heirloom variety introduced in 1892. Detroit Dark Red is great for eating fresh, pickling, and canning.

Planting Instructions for Organic Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds

Organic Heirloom / Open Pollinated Detroit Dark Red Beets are usually direct seeded. Plant Organic heirloom Detroit Dark Red beet seeds in full sun, when the soil has warmed in Spring, ½” deep, 1″ apart, in rows 12-16″ apart. Germination occurs in 5-17 days in soil 55-70°F. When the beets start to come up, thin to 3-4″. Keep well watered, especially during root development. Harvest beet greens when they are young for the best flavor. Harvest beet root when 1-3″ across. Organic Detroit Dark Red Beets keep for a long time when stored in moist sand.

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    My beets came up right away. I can’t wait until they mature.

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