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(a.k.a. Mary Washington UC-72) (Asparagus officinalis) 110-120 days.       Developed by the University of California-Davis, UC 72 is an open-pollinated variety is a Mary Washington-type asparagus. The UC 72 Asparagus sets heavy yields of dark green spears, a little larger than Mary Washington Asparagus, with fairly compact heads. Good disease resistance. Resistant to Fusarium Wilt and Rust. More heat and drought tolerant than other asparagus varieties. Excellent choice for home gardeners and market growers alike.

Planting Heirloom UC 72 Asparagus Seed

Heirloom / Open Pollinated UC-72 Asparagus is a garden perennial that is best adapted to sandy soils in moderate climates. For best production, UC-72 Asparagus plants prefer a deeply dug, well-prepared bed, with lots of organic matter. Heirloom Asparagus seeds can be started indoors 2-3 months before your last frost (for best results), or direct sow outdoors when the soil has warmed. Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hrs. before planting. Plant seeds ¼” deep in sterile seeding mix. Germination should occur in 14-21 days in soil 65-80°F. Set out UC 72 Asparagus seedlings 10-18″ apart, in full sun.

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