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(a.k.a. Boston Pea, White Navy, Small White Navy, White Bean, Navy Pea Bean) (Phaseolus vulgaris) 85-100 days    Dry Bean    The most widely known bean among the white bean types, the Navy Bush Bean takes its name from the fact that since the mid-1800s this bean has been a staple food for the U.S. Navy. Navy Bush Bean plants grow to 16-24″, yield high amounts of 4-6″ pods, with small, oval white beans. Smooth texture when cooked and very filling, will not mush up when cooked. A great addition to soups, baked bean recipes, and bean stews. Firm skin stands up to reheating well. Navy Bush Beans make a delicious Ham and Bean Soup! Favorite bean for Boston Baked Beans. High in fiber and protein, a good source of folate, manganese, and Vitamin B1. Great dry bean, stores well. Some resistance to Anthracnose and Bean Mosaic Virus.

Planting Instructions for Navy Bush Bean Seeds

Sow Heirloom / Open Pollinated Navy bush beans 1-2″ deep, 2-6″ apart, in rows 18-36″ apart, in full sun after danger of frost. Soaking Navy bean seeds in water 1-2 hours before planting speeds germination. Germination occurs in 4-16 days in soil 60-85°F. Provide support for heirloom pole bean varieties. For heirloom snap beans, harvest when beans are 3-6″ long. For dry beans, leave pods on plants until pods are dry, brown, and crisp, and beans are hard and rattle in pod, if more drying is needed when danger of frost has arrived, pick pods or pull entire plant and hang upside down to dry further.


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    Great seed. Planting soon.

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    This order was to add more to my collection, and, to build up my beans for all areas…..eating fresh, canning, and, drying. As far as adding the Abe Lincoln and Roma tomatoes, as a tomato lover, who wouldn’t want to have another of them on hand? Thanks, John and Sarah, for an easy-to-browse web site, and, great seed packs and collection.All my seeds are well marked, sealed, in excellent condition. Your collections help save time and effort, too.

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