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Bean – Fava – Broad Windsor

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65-75 days.    Snap, Shell, or Dry Bean     Broad Windsor Fava Beans are upright, strong, and tall 2-4′ plants produce good yields broad, 1″ wide pods, 6-8″ in length filled with very large beans (often as big as a U.S. Quarter Dollar coin). The Broad Windsor Fava Beans have a flavor that is similar to a blend of limas and peas, but are more nutritious than limas.

Fava Beans Planting Instructions

Fava beans are hardy cool season plants that can tolerate some frost but do not tolerate heat (above 70°F) well.  Direct plant seeds in spring as soon as soil can be worked, 1” deep, 4-6” apart, in rows 18-30” apart, in full sun . Germination occurs in 5-10 days in soil

60-70°F.  Thin plants to 8-10” apart. In mild winter climates favas can be fall planted for spring harvest. Harvest as snap beans when seeds in pods are the size of a pea. For shelling beans harvest when the pods are thick and well-filled with seeds, while the pods are still green.  For dry beans, leave pods on plants until pods are dry, brown, and crisp, and beans are hard and rattle in pod.


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