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250 Seeds per pack

(Beta vulgaris) 55 days.       The Early Wonder Tall Top Beet is an old heirloom that predates 1811. It has a slightly flattened globular root that is dark red, with bunching tall greens 12″ – 15″ tall, glossy leaves make choice greens. Adapts well to all seasons, is good for early spring plantings. Early Wonder Tall Top is a good all-around beet!

Planting Instructions for Early Wonder Tall Top Beet Seeds

Heirloom / Open Pollinated Beets are usually direct seeded. Plant beet seeds in full sun, when the soil has warmed in Spring, ½” deep, 1″ apart, in rows 12-16″ apart. Germination occurs in 5-17 days in soil 55-70°F. When the beets start to come up, thin to 3-4″. Keep well watered, especially during root development. Harvest beet greens when they are young for the best flavor. Harvest beet root when 1-3″ across. Heirloom beets keep for a long time when stored in moist sand.


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