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(a.k.a. Iroquois Extra Select, Giant Early Wonder) (Cucumis melo) 75-90 days.       This attractive, early-maturing melon is perfect for market gardeners. With it’s heavy netting on deeply ribbed gray-green skin, the Iroquois Heirloom Cantaloupe is not only delicious, but also beautiful on display! Rind is tough, holding up to bumps and jostling more, perfect for transport to Farmer’s Market, or the busy gardener’s fast paced harvest. Melons grow to 6-7″ in diameter and weigh in at 5-7 lbs. Fusarium Wilt resistant. Does well in Midwestern and northeastern US and eastern Canada.

Planting Instructions for Iroquois Cantaloupe Seeds

Iroquois cantaloupe are heat loving plants that prefer well drained loose soil and an even amount of water. Plant Cantaloupe in rows or hills but make sure the soil is well warmed. In the North it helps to start seeds indoors 2-3 weeks. before last frost. Plant Cantaloupe seeds ½” deep in full sun. For rows plant 3-4″ apart, in rows 6-10′ apart. For hills plant 4-6 seeds per hill, with hills 2-3′ apart. Iroquois germination occurs in 3-10 days in soil 70-85°F. In hills thin to 2 Cantaloupe plants per hill. Harvest when fruit easily slips from the vine, or smells very sweet and fragrant at the blossom end. Heirloom Honeydew does not slip from the vine, the melon must be cut from the vine.


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