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(a.k.a. Chantenay Half Long Red Core, Supreme Long, Burpee’s Goldinhart, Chantenay Red Cored Supreme) (Daucus carota) 65-75 days.       Originally introduced in France in the 1830s, this large, stump-rooted carrot is an enduring favorite in the garden and the kitchen alike. The Chantenay Red Core Carrot produces stocky 5-5 ½” inch long, tender, sweet, and bright orange roots, with a deep red-orange core. Adaptable to clay and a wide range of soils. A good split resistant variety. Chantenay Red Core is one of the sweetest carrots, great for juicing and fresh eating.

Planting Instructions for Chantenay Red Core Carrot Seeds

Heirloom / Open Pollinated Chantenay Red Core Carrots grow best in well prepared, deeply worked, loose soil. Direct seed Carrots in full sun or part shade (in hot climates), from early spring-summer , ¼ – ½” deep, approx. 4 seeds per inch, in rows 12-16″ apart. Germination occurs in 6-21 days at temperatures of 50-75° F. Thin the plants to 1-3″ apart. To prevent green shoulders you can hill 1-2″ of soil around plants when 7-10 leaves have formed. A good mulch of organic material (such as grass clippings) is very beneficial once carrots are established. Harvest when Chantenay Red Core carrots have brightened in color, when color has deepened.

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