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(a.k.a. Long White, Albino, Ivory King, Jack Frost, Landreth’s White Slicing, and White Albino) (Cucumis sativus) 35-60 days.       A fun and interesting variety to grow, kids and kids at heart, who love to grow unusual vegetable varieties, will enjoy trying these in their gardens! White Wonder Cucumbers produce white or ivory 7-9″ long, 2½-3″ wide fruits. Excellent eating quality, with crisp, firm, mild flesh. Popular both for slicing and pickles! Or try them as Mom used to prepare them on hot Summer days, sliced up with onions in Ranch salad dressing, what a refreshing side dish! Highly productive, even in hot weather.

Planting Instructions for White Wonder Cucumber Seeds

Heirloom White Wonder Cucumbers are heat loving, frost sensitive vines. Plant heirloom cucumber seeds in full sun, ½ – ¾” deep, in 1′ diameter hills of 4-6 seeds each, 3-4′ apart. Germination occurs in 4-13 days in soil 70-95°F. Thin to 1-2 plants per hill. In short season climates you can start cucumber seeds indoors 3 weeks before last frost, in individual peat pots at least 3½” across. Harden off White Wonder cucumbers plants for 1 week before setting out. Harvest regularly for continuous production, making sure to pick overripe cucumbers that were missed. Heirloom White Wonder slicing cucumbers are best when uniformly green, firm and crisp. For pickles harvest cucumbers when 2-6″ according to preference.

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