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Flower – Bachelor’s Button – Tall Mix

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100 Seeds per pack – Annual up to Zone 7, can be Perennial in far Southern States Zones 8 and above

Lovely old fashioned colors. Cornflower blue, pink, red, and white flowers measure up to 1.5″ across, 24-30″ tall plants.

Planting Instructions for Tall Mix Bachelor’s Button Seeds

Plant Bachelor’s Buttons in well drained, prepared soil. Can start seeds indoors 4 weeks before last frost, but, they do best direct-sown outdoors. Plant in full sun to part shade in spring after the last frost. Can scatter seeds to plant and cover with soil, or sow seeds ¼ – ½ in. deep, every 4-6 in., then cover with soil and tamp down. Keep soil moist until seeds germinate. Seeds should germinate in 7-14 days in soil 60-70°F. When seedlings are 2-3 in., thin to 8-12 in. apart. Water moderately once established. Pinch wilted blooms to promote a longer blooming season. Leave a few blooms on the plants at the end of the blooming season if you want the plant to reseed itself the following spring.

1 review for Flower – Bachelor’s Button – Tall Mix

  1. MaryAnn (verified owner)

    A lot of seeds in your packets, so they are a great value.

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