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Annual Crimson Rambler Morning Glory has short vines 4-6 feet long with very pretty crimson blossoms. Flowers are 2-3″ across, very pretty.

Planting Instructions for Crimson Rambler Morning Glory Seeds

Start Crimson Rambler Morning Glory seeds 4-5 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Soak Morning Glory seed for 48 hours in a wet paper towel or nick the seed coat with a knife to speed up germination. Use 3″ or larger pots and plant 2-3 seeds per pot 1/4″ deep. Morning Glory germinate at 70°F. After emergence, insert a small stake into the pot to keep the seedlings from becoming entangled. Morning Glory seeds may be planted outdoors in early summer when the soil has warmed up to about 70°F.

Note for Organic Growers!

Morning Glory or Moonflowers work as a squash bug deterrent. Plant one Morning Glory or Moonflower in between 2 or 3 Squash or Pumpkin plants. Squash bugs hate this family of plants.


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