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Annual Autumn Beauty Sunflowers average 60″ tall and have bold beautiful flowers 8″ across. Autumn Beauty is a mixture of bright yellow, bronze, and purple shades with some bicolors. Autumn Beauty Sunflower is a multi branching type which produces many long stemmed flowers.

Planting Instructions for Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seeds

Direct sow Sunflower seeds after all danger of frost is past and soil has warmed up. Place Sunflower seeds 1″-1.5″ deep, 6-9″ apart. After emergence, thin to a 12″ to 18″ spacing, saving the healthiest plants. Sunflower seeds can also be sown indoors and transplanted outdoors for earlier blooms. For fresh cut Sunflowers, cut blooms as soon as they are fully open. For bird food, let Sunflower heads mature before cutting. Dry heads in the sun or under cover in a dry place. After heads are dry, hang whole head outside for the birds or rub heads over a pail with a frame made with 1/4″ hardware cloth. Sunflower seeds can also be toasted and eaten.

10 reviews for Flower – Sunflower – Autumn Beauty

  1. Steven W. (verified owner)

  2. Thomas F. (verified owner)

  3. Linda Bryson (verified owner)

  4. Claire Hamoy (verified owner)

    Planted the seeds and am waiting for the beautiful flowers!

  5. Bridget H. (verified owner)

    These are growing quickly. We are so excited for our first blooms.

  6. Leslie K. (verified owner)

  7. Dale Isaac (verified owner)

  8. Lorraine (verified owner)

  9. Robert K. (verified owner)

  10. Teryl (verified owner)

    Coming up and looking great.

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