Gardening for a Lifetime


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Gardening for a Lifetime:

How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older

By Sydney Eddison

In prose so resonant that you may find yourself in tears of recognition, lifelong gardener Sydney Eddison offers practical and heartfelt advice that will help you transform gardening from a daunting list of chores into a rewarding, joy-filled activity.

Among her discoveries: Substituting low-maintenance plants for demanding ones will dramatically reduce the labor your perennial border needs. Shrubs can contribute as much beauty to the garden as perennials, and are easier to care for. Shady gardens are easier to maintain than sunny ones. Timely pruning will help keep the garden from getting out of hand. And downsizing the garden, and getting some help, may be the best way to keep your sanity.

Eddison draws on her own experiences and those of other dyed-in-the-wool gardeners to present a version of gardening that is both realistic and encouraging. And while many of the practices described are ideal for older gardeners, they also have much to offer younger gardeners with demanding professional or family responsibilities. A new postscript brings readers up date about the ongoing changes in the author’s garden (and in the author herself).

Paperback: 208 Pages


About the Auther:

Sydney Eddison

Sydney Eddison has written six other books on gardening. She has been honored by National Garden Clubs Inc. with their Award of Excellence for 2010. For her work as a writer, gardener, and lecturer, she has also received several other gardening awards. Her garden has been featured in magazines and on television. A former scene designer and drama teacher, Eddison lectures widely and is a frequent contributor to Fine Gardening magazine and other publications.


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