Weather Resilient Garden, The


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The Weather Resilient Garden

A Defensive Approach to Planning & Landscaping

by Charles W. G. Smith

When you’re tucking seedlings into the soil, thoughts of weather events, such as floods and droughts, hail and ice, damaging winds, and in some areas, even fire, are often far from your mind. But naturalist Charles W. G. Smith thinks that it pays off to make them part of your plan.

In The Weather-Resilient Garden, Smith shows you how to plant a garden that is beautiful but tough enough to withstand almost anything nature delivers. His encyclopedia of 100 hardy plants helps you garden defensively. And he includes detailed advice on what to do when a weather disaster strikes your garden.

There’s no stopping the forces of nature. But, with The Weather-Resilient Garden, you can minimize their impact on your little piece of Eden.


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