Cilantro Microgreen Seeds


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Cilantro Microgreen Seeds

Popular culinary herb with superior cilantro flavor.

Days to maturity: 16 – 25 days.

Approx. No. of Seeds per Oz. – 2,000

Cilantro Microgreen Seeds

Cilantro/Coriander seeds may have alternative names such as Chinese parsley or dhania.


Microgreen Planting Instructions: To grow outdoors, prepare bed as usual, sprinkle seeds evenly and close together over the surface of the soil, and cover lightly with soil, then water lightly daily. To grow Microgreens indoors gather containers (seed starting flats, clean food containers, etc.), prepare soil or seed starting mix, and place 1-2” in containers. Sprinkle seeds evenly and thickly over soil. Lightly cover seeds with a small amount of soil, and press soil down over seeds. Water Microgreen seeds lightly with a mist or spray bottle, to not wash away soil from seeds. Cover container with a transparent cover, and place near a window (Southern facing preferable) or under fluorescent grow lights. Microgreen seeds prefer a room temperature of 65-75ºF, and a soil temperature of 75ºF (until germination), for fastest germination. Germination should occur in 4-20 days (depending on variety) in proper conditions. Can use a heating pad, grow mats, etc. for bottom heat until germination to bring soil temperature up. Mist with water 1-2 times daily to keep soil moist until harvest. Harvest once the first 2 or 4 leaves have grown. To harvest Microgreens, cut greens just above soil level, rinse, and enjoy!



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