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(Brassica rapa) 38-70 days.       Golden Ball Open Pollinated Turnip has golden yellow flesh that is sweet, tender, and flavorful. Golden Ball produces a 3″ to 4″ diameter bulb that tastes more like a Rutabaga than a turnip.

Planting Instructions for Golden Ball Turnip Seeds

Golden Ball Turnips are biennial, but they may produce seed in one season. Heirloom / Open Pollinated Turnips are direct sown, covering the seed with .25″-.5″ of soil. Turnip Seed germinates at temperatures between 70°F-85°F and germination occurring in 3-5 days. Once the Turnip plants are 2″ tall, thin them to 4″-8″ apart.

2 reviews for Turnip – Golden Ball

  1. Michele E. (verified owner)

    These Gold Ball turnips are great.

  2. Hazel Hardisty (verified owner)


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