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(a.k.a. Hubbard Golden Delicious) (Cucurbita Maxima) 100-105 days.       Introduced by Gill Bros. Seed Co. of Portland Oregon in 1926, this variety was developed from a cross between Delicious and Boston Marrow. Heart or top shaped, the Golden Delicious Squash has a striking red-orange exterior with bright orange-yellow, thick, fine-grained flesh. Fruits grow to 7-9 lbs., measuring 10-12″ in length, by 8″ in diameter. Originally developed for use in baby food, these squash are sweet and delicious, with excellent flavor, they are not watery, keep well, but also freeze and can well. great baked or in soups. High in vitamins C and A.

Planting Instructions for Golden Delicious Winter Squash Seeds

Golden Delicious Winter Squash is a warm season crop, sensitive to frost and light freezes. Start Heirloom / Open Pollinated Winter Squash indoors 3-4 weeks. before last frost date or direct seed outdoors after danger of frost. Plant Winter Squash in full sun. To direct seed, plant 6-8 seeds 1″ deep in 1′ diameter hills, thinning to 3 or 4 plants at the set of true leaves. Or plant Golden Delicious seeds in rows 1″ deep, 2′ apart. Keep rows and hills 6′ apart. Germination should occur in 5-10 days at 65-85°F. Keep soil just-damp during germination, or seeds may rot. Harvest when Winter Squash rind has hardened and finger nail requires pressure to pierce rind. Leave 2-3″ stem on when cutting from plant for longer storage.


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