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Survive an Economic Collapse with Heirloom Seeds

This article is on how Heirloom Seeds can help you, and those around you survive an economic collapse.

  • Ensuring your own food supply.
  • Camouflage Gardening
  • Bartering with Heirloom Seeds.
  • Bartering with the vegetables produced in your own garden.

Many people are concerned about the possibility of collapse of the economy or the U.S. Dollar, and rightly so. With all the triggers in the world and the 40 trillion in US debt, the odds are in the favor of a collapse.  Many experts have been warning of the likelihood of a collapse in recent times, and things only seem to get closer and closer. After a collapse of the dollar, its value would soon be worthless.  In a very short time, we would see the price of everyday things go up dramatically, and this would eventually lead to a subsistence crises which is a lack of food, and essential resources. There would be empty store shelves  because it would be too expensive to buy or transport food into the stores, the whole economy would come to  a grinding halt. This scenario we have seen played out throughout past months in present day Venezuela.

If the credit market seizes up.

"If the credit market seizes up, you will not be able to buy goods at your local grocery store, Wal-marts, etc. The distribution system, trucking, shipping, they all rely on credit. Nothing gets done without credit. This is going the affect the real economy like nothing we've ever seen in our lifetimes." - Bill Holter -

This is where Heirloom Seeds come into play as a vitally important asset.

Ensuring your own food supply

Ensuring your family's food supply, and even those around you in need is the primary reason to have heirloom seeds. Heirloom Seeds can be saved year after year, and provide valuable nutrition when food is scarce. You would essentially become your own seed supplier, by being able to save your own seeds for growing next season.

Camouflage Gardening

In a time of economic collapse, the inner cities would  become very dangerous, as people crazed by hunger seek to provide for their needs at any cost. If you plant a garden out in the open, odds are the fruits of your labors would be stolen or vandalized.   "Camouflage Gardening" is the art of having a garden and hiding it in plain site.

Bartering with Heirloom Seeds

Many people talk about the importance of having precious metals like gold and silver to use as money in the event of a dollar collapse. While precious metals may ensure long term financial recovery, they will not be worth much in the immediate aftermath of  a crash. In the event of the collapse of the dollar, the economy will primarily be a barter economy until a new form of currency is introduced. In the mean time, things will be pretty scary, and panic will be high as people suddenly stop worrying about their new I-phone and start to wonder where their next meal is coming from. In a subsistence crises, you could have all the money, gold, and silver in the world, but if there is nothing to buy, the value of these precious metals suddenly becomes worthless for day to day needs. The value of heirloom seeds during this time would be sky high as people would instantly realize their value in providing a food source for their family.

Bartering with the vegetables produced in your own garden.

Not only will seeds be a great bartering item, but the produce you can grow if you have the knowledge of how to garden would also be a huge asset to use in bartering. Not all people know how to garden, but if you do, and can grow produce from the seeds you stock up and store, you will be very popular with those in your area. During times of economic collapse, food will be scarce. If you can be a producer of food as well as a consumer, it will serve you well. Garden vegetable's can be traded for other supplies or food you do not have. If your neighbor is an avid hunter and fisherman, the two of you would be able to survive fairly well until the crisis is over.

And Most Important!

If the unthinkable happens, remember to pray hard and rely on God to help you to take the next right step and to provide for your family's daily needs. Remember to be a "man of your word" and a person of integrity in these times. If you become known as a person in your neighborhood who doesn't keep his word and can't be trusted, all the seeds and vegetables in the world will not save you, in the end.

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