Asparagus Seeds

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Asparagus has an interesting history dating back to 3,000 BC in Egypt, when a drawing of asparagus was found on an ancient Egyptian frieze.  There is even a reference to instructions on the best way to plant asparagus, by a Roman statesman, Cato the Elder, in his 160 BC manuscript on farming.  France’s King Louis XIV loved asparagus so much he called it the ‘king of vegetables’.

This unique vegetable is one of the most beneficial, as it is rich in vitamins C, B-12, B-2, and folic acid, and can help relieve high blood pressure and edema, since it assists your body in removing salts.  Asparagus protects the liver from toxins, aids in the relief of the frequency and duration of migraine headaches, and can increase cognitive skills in older adults.  Scientists believe this nutritious vegetable can possibly slow down the aging process!

You need patience when planting asparagus seeds, as it takes approximately 3 years from the initial planting until you can reap a harvest.  But the good news is that taken care of properly, asparagus beds can produce crops up to an astounding 20-30 years. Although the seeds can be planted directly in the ground, to get the best results from your St. Clare heirloom asparagus seeds, place your seeds in a raised 2’x8‘ bed in fertilized, moist soil.

Asparagus can be used  to enhance soups, salads, and pasta, and also roasted, steamed or baked; however, younger spears are more tender than mature spears.

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Showing all 2 results