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Over 500 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Seed Varieties!

"In these tough economic times, what better way to save on your food budget than to grow and save your own Heirloom and Open Pollinated Seeds"

When one package isn't enough!

For that extra large garden or market garden. We now sell bulk packs of Beans, Corn, and Peas in amounts of 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb and 1 lb!  Click Here

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Even though small in size, they are chock full of nutrients, often containing more density of vitamins and minerals than larger and more mature vegetable greens. Click Here!

Microgreens - St. Clare Heirloom Seeds

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Heirloom Seed Varieties for Extreme Heat Conditions

As we head into the months where things are starting to warm up, we look to Summer’s coming. We thought we’d highlight a bit of seed varieties that do better in hot climates, especially for our friends who live in places like zones 9 and 10. For hotter seasons and climates a little creativity is needed in figuring out what you can grow when it really HEATS up. So, we have compiled a list of which of our seeds will do best for those in extreme heat areas, but also those who live in warmer areas and want veggies and fruits to thrive in the heat of Summer. Hope you find this helpful! God bless! Read more...

Gardening for Beginners:Gardening for Beginners: Learn the basics of growing a fabulous garden - St. Clare Heirloom Seeds

If you have never gardened before, now is the perfect time to start. Digging in the dirt is a fantastic way to de-stress and connect with nature, and a fun way to exercise! There is nothing more rewarding than strolling through your garden and picking vine-ripened tomatoes and cucumbers to toss into a crisp salad!

Learn the basics of growing a fabulous garden - Click here to learn more!

What is the average life of each Heirloom Vegetable Seed?

Seeds are live organisms and need to be cared for until it is time to plant them. The best place to store your seeds is in a cool, dry, dark location. A good storage spot is in a sealed glass jar in your refrigerator. Do not vacuum seal seeds or store with oxygen absorbers, as seeds need oxygen to stay viable.

Click here for a list of the average seed life of each type of Heirloom Seed.

How long can you store your garden seeds?

The length of viability of heirloom vegetable garden seeds depends upon the variety, some will only keep a high germination rate for one or two years, others will keep well for ten years, but for either case length of viability and preservation of germination rate can be achieved the longest by freezing seeds (Note: heirloom garden seeds must be 8% moisture or below to freeze them, in the quotes below you find how to tell if they are dry enough). A great resource to answer the question of how long each variety will store is a book we carry and frequently reference ourselves titled” Seed to Seed” by Suzanne Ashworth. Read more...

Step by Step Guide to Growing Fabulous Microgreens

Step by Step Guide to Growing Fabulous Microgreens - St. Clare Heirloom Seeds
Our 4 year old daughter is thrilled with her harvest of microgreens.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced gardener, growing microgreens indoors is a snap with the following easy step-by-step instructions.  All you will need are a few empty containers, (deli or lunch meat containers work great, save money, and are a way to recycle what you have on hand), soil, water, and light, and you can grow microgreens all year round.  Microgreens are super nutritious, grow quickly, require very little space, and are one of the easiest things to grow. They can be expensive to purchase, but you can easily grow your own, and add these super nutritious and flavorful veggies to your diet. If you have kids, this is a gardening project they can easily join in with, too. Our kids love helping grow(and eat!) our microgreens. Let’s dive right in and show how easy it is to grow them! Read More...

Survive an Economic Collapse with Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seeds can help you, and those around you survive an economic collapse.

  • Ensuring your own food supply.
  • Camouflage Gardening
  • Bartering with Heirloom Seeds.
  • Bartering with the vegetables produced in your own garden.

Many people are concerned about the possibility of collapse of the economy or the U.S. Dollar, and rightly so. With war, rumors of wars, and the 40 trillion in US debt, the odds are in the favor of a collapse.  Many experts have been warning of the likelihood of a collapse in recent times, and things only seem to get closer and closer (especially these past couple of weeks!). Read More...

Seed Envelope - St. Clare Heirloom Seeds
Our unique seed packaging designed with you, the customer in mind!

We Sell Gift Certificates

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If your not sure what kind of Heirloom and Open Pollinated Seeds they would like, get them a Gift Certificate!



Large Family Heirloom Seed Collection - St. Clare Heirloom Seeds

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The Large Family Vegetable Garden Seed Collection is the perfect package for the large family, market grower, or a community garden. A large selection of our best all-around vegetable and fruit garden seed varieties, all open-pollinated, non-hybrid, and Non-GMO.
45 Packs of Seeds!

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St. Clare's Ultimate Vegetable Garden Seed Collection - St. Clare Heirloom Seeds

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The St. Clare's Ultimate Vegetable Garden Seed Collection is the second largest vegetable garden seed collection we offer. This garden seed package is a great choice for the garden enthusiast who wants to try a large variety of veggies in their garden or for those wishing to stock up some on this vital commodity, which will be worth it's weight in gold in times of economic downturn.
111 Packs of seeds!

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Why Heirloom and Open Pollinated seeds? That is a very important question today. Heirloom and open pollinated seeds and their preservation and continuation are vital to the future of us all. As more and more seeds are being genetically modified these days, and hybrids are flooding the market, true-to-type home grown heirloom and open pollinated seeds are in danger of extinction. Some of the major seed companies want to control the seed market and force people to return to them for their vegetable garden seeds.

We must not allow this trend to win out. Hybrids and GMOs are geared to modern agriculture's mass productions. They aim to produce higher yields and more uniform size and maturity times of fruits and plants. These features do not matter to the average home-gardener or small market grower. In this focus on breeding for specific characteristics that is geared to mass production, much has been lost in the flavor and nutrition department, with unhealthy side effects for us all.

Our mission here at St. Clare Heirloom Seeds is to take part in the movement to reverse this trend for ourselves, and you our customers. Do you remember those delicious heirloom vegetables out of your grandmother's garden? How about how fun it was to plant those heirloom and open pollinated seeds with her, as she told you how those seeds had been passed down from generation to generation? Nothing tastes better than those old-fashioned heirloom vegetables, straight out of the garden, or your own harvest preserved and stored and brought out on a cold winter day, for all to enjoy. We want to provide you with the best heirloom vegetable seeds, pure, healthy, non-GMO, non-hybrid, untreated, and true-to-type! Our desire is to ensure that generations to come will enjoy the experience of gardening with heirloom and open pollinated seeds. That those who follow us will enjoy the wonderful old-fashioned flavor and goodness of home grown heirloom and open-pollinated vegetables, and experience the wonder of the cycle of gardening with open-pollinated seeds. Plant the seed, watch it grow, feed it, water it, select seeds from the best heirloom fruit, carefully save the seeds and store them, waiting expectantly for next year's gardening season to come around, and start the process all over again, growing the same great vegetable variety you love.

The health benefits of growing with heirloom and open pollinated seeds are great, as well. The seeds are safe and healthy, and when you grow them in your own backyard, free of chemicals and pesticides, you know right where they came from and that they are chemical-FREE! Besides the nutritional value of the fruits you grow, you get exercise and fresh air when gardening, both very important to healthy living. And if you garden together as a family you can slow down a bit from the daily grind, and enjoy each other, teaching your young ones the value of good healthy hard work, and getting to know them better.

We pledge to do our very best to serve you, helping to make your heirloom gardening experience truly enjoyable. It is our desire that you will be well pleased with our products, our service, and your experience ordering from us.

We ask you to join us in passing on the tradition of growing and saving your own heirloom and open pollinated seeds. Let us work together to preserve our heritage, ensuring genetic diversity in vegetable seeds, and reassurance of true-to-type reproduction in our heirloom plants, for our children, grandchildren, and generations on down the line!

Let us unite to preserve the freedoms intended for us by our forefathers who lived, and fought, and died that we might enjoy the rights so dear to us all. God Bless America!

Some people, in order to discover God, read books. But there is a great book: the very appearance of created things. Look above you! Look below you! Read it. God, whom you want to discover, never wrote that book with ink. Instead, He set before your eyes the things that He had made. Can you ask for a louder voice than that?
- St. Augustine of Hippo

One of the most inspiring things in life is to enjoy the beauty of God's creations in the great outdoors. The gardener knows this joy personally. This joy one experiences in gardening is a gift from the Creator of all things in His perfect love and care for us. When we study nature or grow things in our garden we can see His handiwork. When you watch a plant grow from a seed in the perfect order given it by God, think with wonder of our God, it is amazing! All of Creation was given to us as a gift. Let us thank Him in all things! May the joy of gardening be yours this season!

We would like to mention, St. Clare Heirloom Seeds is a home-based business. Due to this fact we are unable to accept guests. For the sake of our family's privacy, all business is done strictly over the internet or via mail, and we do not allow visits to our facilities. Thank you for your understanding!