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Flowers add much beauty to our lives and affect our world in so many ways. Important to our eco-system, deer, rabbits, skunks, raccoons and groundhogs feed on flowers, which also provide nectar for bees, wasps, ants, butterflies and birds.  Birds then help pollinate plants, while bees use nectar to make honey.  If you are a birdwatcher, some of the best heirloom flowers to attract birds and butterflies to your yard are black-eyed susans, zinnias, Echinacea coneflowers, lupine, sunflowers, and nasturtiums. There are thousands of varieties, colors, and shapes of flowering plants, from bright yellow sunflowers, to vibrant red and orange zinnias, colorful wildflowers, and the interesting shape of the lupine. Flowers range in size from tiny alyssum, which averages 4-6 inches in height, to the mighty sunflower, which can reach 12 feet in height.

Some flowers, such as marigolds, repel insects with their distinctive fragrance.  Other flowers are used medicinally, such as the Echinacea coneflower, part of the daisy family.  Echinacea contains powerful antioxidants which can be used to strengthen the immune system and combat infection.  Native Americans used Echinacea for centuries before Europeans arrived to treat snakebites, heal sore throats and coughs, and relieve pain.

Another multi-faceted flower is the sunflower, which follows the movement of the sun across the sky from East to West. Traditionally used to soften leather, sunflower oil was used for cooking, conditioning hair, and healing wounds. Sunflower seeds make a nutritious snack as they are an excellent source of vitamins A, D, E, selenium, magnesium, copper, calcium and iron, and are also used for bird feed. One of the most popular flowers in the US, sunflowers add a vivid touch to any flower arrangement.

Heirloom flowers are not just for flower beds, they make a great addition to the vegetable garden, too, adding color, pest resistance, and beauty, too. Some flowers are even edible, including the easy to grow marigolds and nasturtiums. Choose your flower seeds from St. Clare Heirloom Seed’s great selection of beautiful heirloom flowers, and add beauty to your vegetable garden this year!

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Showing all 39 results