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Due to the immense demand for microgreen seeds, it is extremely difficult for us to keep them in stock consistently throughout the year. We try our best.

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Microgreens - St. Clare Heirloom SeedsSt. Clare’s Heirloom Seeds has a large selection of microgreen herbs and vegetables from which to choose, from amaranth, to basil, dill, kale, mizuna greens, kohlrabi, to radishes and much more. These tiny new greens are harvested after just one to two weeks, when they are most tender.  But microgreens aren’t just green; the edible shoots include vibrant red, lavender, pink, and yellow, and will add a stunning touch to any meal.  Generally used raw, microgreens can be added to virtually anything, including smoothies, sauces, curries, sandwiches, soups, salads, pasta, omelets, seafood, and meat.

Microgreens were first used by chefs in fine dining restaurants in California back around 1980.  Quite expensive, they stayed relatively unknown until recently, but are quickly growing in popularity. These delicate shoots have an intense flavor, especially when blended together, creating an amazing taste sensation.

Surprisingly, scientists discovered the nutrients in microgreens are so concentrated, they contain up to 40% more nutrients than more mature vegetables. These delicious greens are packed  with enzymes, antioxidants, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium and are rich in vitamin A, C, E, K, lutein and beta-caroten.  Their high nutrient content can help lower blood pressure, prevent Alzheimer’s, improve digestion, strengthen bones and teeth, improve eyesight, balance blood sugar levels, and maintain weight.  The high levels of antioxidants can even help prevent cancer!

Since microgreens can be prohibitively expensive, growing them yourself is a fun way to add pizzazz to your table and your health! Microgreen seeds may be planted in bright sunlight year round; however, planting the seeds in pots is recommended for the winter months.

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Showing all 21 results