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Annual These beautiful French marigolds bear lovely 2-3″ blossoms, with a mix of yellow, orange, and mahogany red. Plants grow to 10-16″. The Sparky Mix Marigold sports double blossoms with wide wavy petals, blooms Early Summer until first Fall Frosts. Great for bordering your flower garden or interplanting with your vegetables to ward off pests. You can prune off the foliage and mix it into your soil to help control nematodes. Interplant with beans to ward off the Mexican Bean Beetle. Easy to grow!

Planting Instructions for Sparky Mix Marigold Seeds

Start Sparky Mix Marigold seeds indoors 8-11 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Place seeds 1/4″ deep and cover lightly. Germination will occur in 3-8 days at 70°F to 75°F. After emergence, grow at 50°F to 60°F. Transplant Marigolds outdoors in late spring or early summer. Space Sparky Mix Marigold plants 12″ apart. If planted in the garden, helps to control insects.

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