All seeds are packed for 2024!

Build Your Own Custom Seed Vault



When you buy your seeds and add this custom seed vault option, we will package up and seal your custom seed vault order for you (or there is also a do-it-yourself option) in a heavy duty container with moisture absorbers for long term storage. Leave any special instructions you may have in the “Order Notes” section near the bottom of the checkout page.

All seeds you purchase from us are Heirloom/Open-Pollinated, meaning you can save seeds from the plants and replant next year, and, as long as the plants have not cross-pollinated they will come up true-to-type. True-to-type means that when you save the seed, with proper seed saving practices and re-plant, they will grow as the same kind. Keep seeds in a cool, dry, dark place for best results. Do not use an oxygen absorber when storing your seeds, seeds are living and need air!


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