Build Your Own Custom/À la carte Seed Vault



The Custom/ Á La Carte Seed vaults are a BPA-Free, food grade pail/bucket with a sealable lid, and we include packets of moisture absorbers/desiccant (not to be confused with oxygen absorbers, which you don’t want to use with seeds. Seeds are living organisms, and need oxygen ), for long-term storage. You can select to seal the pail yourself, or for us to seal it.

Our seed vaults come in various sizes, from pails that hold approx. 25 packets of seeds, all the way up to one that can hold approx. 300 packets of seeds. When you order the Custom/Á La Carte, we choose the most appropriate size bucket, and use that for the seeds ordered. If you have more seeds of your own to add, or need a different size than that which would fit your order, please note this in the “Order Notes” field on the Checkout page, or contact us via email to further discuss your needs. Thank you! We look forward to serving you. 🙂

All seeds you purchase from us are Heirloom/Open-Pollinated, meaning you can save seeds from the plants and replant next year, and, as long as the plants have not cross-pollinated they will come up true-to-type. True-to-type means that when you save the seed, with proper seed saving practices and re-plant, they will grow as the same kind. Keep seeds in a cool, dry, dark place for best results. Do not use an oxygen absorber when storing your seeds, seeds are living and need air!


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