Why don’t you offer Heirloom Sweet Potatoes?

We do not offer heirloom sweet potatoes or any heirloom seed potatoes at this time as we are a small family-owned operation, and are in the stages of growth. We choose our products carefully to offer as much variety as possible and yet at the same time be able to keep up with serving our customers in a timely manner. We expand our line in time to offer what we find our customers are looking for, and will look into carrying potatoes / sweet potatoes in the future now that you have mentioned it. As we have only dealt in standard heirloom seeds as of yet we will need to research the care and storage of seed potatoes to see whether they are a practical addition to add to our line of products, and be able to assure proper care of said products. With only family members to attend to all facets of running a small operation including all planting and harvesting of the heirloom seeds grown on our grounds, all office duties, and order fulfillment, it is important to carefully consider all products and whether they are a good fit for us.