Planting & Growing Instructions for Heirloom / Open Pollinated Rutabaga

Heirloom Rutabaga Seed

(Brassica napus)

Heirloom / Open Pollinated Rutabaga is a hardy, cool-weather biennial, grown as an annual. Direct sow Rutabaga 4-6 wks before the last frost in spring, in late summer for fall harvest, and in mild winter climates in fall for a winter harvest. Plant Rutabaga seeds in full sun, ¼ – ½” deep, 1-2″ apart in rows 18-24″ apart. Germination should occur in 5-17 days in soil 45-75°F. Once Rutabaga seedlings are well established, thin to 4-8″ apart, to give the root bulb room to grow. Harvest rutabagas when bulbs are about 3-5″ in diameter for best quality and flavor. Rutabagas are best stored at 33°F and 90-95% relative humidity.