Planting & Growing Instructions for Heirloom / Open Pollinated Non-GMO Corn

Heirloom Corn Seed

(Zea Mays)

  • Germination: 4 – 10 days in soil 65-85°F
  • Seed Life: Sweet Corn seeds will maintain 50% germination for three years if stored under ideal conditions. Flint Corn, dent corn, and popcorn will retain high germination for 5-10 years.
  • Soil Type: Corn is a heavy feeder that is particularly responsive to organic compost and sweet soil with a pH 6.0 to 6.8.
  • Yield: 1 to 2 ears per plant.

Planting Heirloom Corn Seed

Heirloom Non GMO Corn is a warm to hot season annual, sensitive to cool soil. Direct seed heirloom corn when soil reaches 65-70°F. Plant seeds 1- 2″ deep, 4-6″ apart, in rows 20-30″ apart, in full sun. Corn is wind pollinated, so plant in blocks of at least 4 rows. Germination should occur in 4 – 10 days in soil 65-85°F. When plants reach 4-5″ tall thin to 8-12″ apart.

Caring for Heirloom Corn

Corn requires regular watering for good ear production and taste, but never water the upper stalks after they tassel – it washes away the pollen! Corn is a heavy feeder and needs nitrogen and phosphorous, well aged manure or organic fertilizer should be used.

Harvesting Heirloom Corn

For heirloom sweet corn, harvest when silk is drying and browning. For Heirloom popcorn, flint, or dent corn harvest when kernels are hard and husks turn dry and loose their color. If weather turns too wet, heirloom corn can be brought inside to dry, laying out on screens, or hanging to dry. Other types of corn can be eaten like sweet corn when it is young, but are usually grown to maturity, dried and used for flour and meal.

Varieties of Heirloom Corn we offer for sale:

  • Black Aztec Corn (a.k.a. Black Mexican) 70-90 days
  • Bloody Butcher Corn 110-120 days
  • Blue Hopi Corn 75-110 days
  • Boone County White Corn 110-120 days
  • Broom Corn (Mixed Colors) (Sorghum bicolor) 100-110 days
  • Country Gentleman Corn (a.k.a. Shoepeg Corn) 83-100 days
  • Golden Bantam Corn (a.k.a. Golden Bantam 8 Row or Yellow Bantam) 70-85 days
  • Golden Bantam Improved Corn (a.k.a. Golden Bantam 12 Row) 75-82 days
  • Henry Moore Corn 110 days
  • Hickory King White Corn 90 days
  • Indian Flint Corn 105-110 days
  • Oaxacan Green Dent Corn 75-100 days
  • Ornamental Indian Corn 110 days
  • Pencil Cob Corn 76 – 100 days
  • Reids Yellow Dent Corn 100 days
  • Silver King Corn 100 – 110 days
  • Silvermine Corn 97 – 110 days
  • Stowell’s Evergreen Corn 80-100 days
  • Truckers Favorite White Corn 95-105 days
  • Truckers Favorite Yellow Corn 70-105 days

Varieties of Heirloom Popcorn we offer for sale:

  • Calico Popcorn 90-105 days
  • Carousel Mini Popcorn 104 -110 days
  • Japanese Hulless White Popcorn (a.k.a. Tom Thumb, White Rice, and Early White) 85-105 days
  • Lady Finger Popcorn (a.k.a. Lady Finger Rainbow) 105 days
  • South American Yellow Popcorn (a.k.a. Dynamite) 110 days
  • Strawberry Popcorn 80-114 days