Is there a reason why your seeds are not certified Organic??

As to our reasons for not being organic, we do grow our seeds naturally / organically, but the monetary cost of organic certification and the cost in time of the paperwork are not feasible to a small-time operation. One can no longer call themselves organic without USDA certification. The seeds we purchase from our growers and suppliers are naturally grown as well, but the cost the USDA places on organic certification is too much for small farmers who grow more than a few seed varieties. Many people do not realize that anyone seeking to be labeled “certified organic” must keep an exorbitant amount of paper work and pay large fees for each variety of seeds grown, making it impossible for the average farmer / grower to afford monetarily and man-hours wise.

The primary mission of our family and company is preservation and continuation of heirloom / open-pollinated seed varieties, as well as providing the best heirloom seeds to others, for flavor and higher nutrition. To accomplish this, our dollars and sweat equity are focused on this effort and the cost of organic certification is not realistic for us, as is the case for most small companies / growers / farmers.


We now carry some certified Organic seeds but we do not grow any of them ourselves. We purchase them from Organic certified growers across the U.S.