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50 Seeds per pack

(Baby Lima) (Phaseolus lunatus) 75 days.     Shell or Dry Bean      White Dixie Butterpeas are small, white, nearly round limas that will melt in your mouth. Pods are 5″ long and have 3 to 4 beans per pod. Plants have a bush growing habit and will reach approx. 20″ tall. Excellent for soups and baking. Delicious and prolific, high-yielding home garden variety. Great fro Southern gardens, as it does well in hot weather and dry conditions, but does well in all climates.

Planting Instructions for White Dixie Butterpea’s Bean Seeds

Sow Heirloom / Open Pollinated White Dixie Butterpea’s beans 1-2″ deep, 2-6″ apart, in rows 18-36″ apart, in full sun after danger of frost. Soaking White Dixie Butterpea’s bean seeds in water 1-2 hours before planting speeds germination. Germination occurs in 4-16 days in soil 60-85°F. Provide support for heirloom pole bean varieties. For heirloom snap beans, harvest when beans are 3-6″ long. For dry beans, leave pods on plants until pods are dry, brown, and crisp, and beans are hard and rattle in pod, if more drying is needed when danger of frost has arrived, pick pods or pull entire plant and hang upside down to dry further.

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    Just about every seed produced, awesome

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