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25 Seeds per pack

(Rheum rhabarbarum)       Victoria Open Pollinated Rhubarb has the darkest red stems of the seed types. Victoria rhubarb stalks are broad thick tender and dark red.

Planting Instructions for Victoria Rhubarb Seeds

Victoria rhubarb is a cool season/climate crop, typically grown as a perennial . Soak the seeds in water for 2 hrs before planting. Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost, planting ⅛ – ¼ “ deep, 2 seeds each in individual peat pots for ease of transplanting.  Plant Victoria at least 20 seeds, and cull plants that do not exhibit typical characteristics of variety. Seeds should germinate in 6-18 days in soil 70°F.  Harden off 2 weeks before last frost, set out in full sun, in deeply dug soil with lots of organic matter, 18-24” apart. Keep well watered and weeded.  Harvest stalks by pulling rather than cutting. Wait until 2nd yr. to begin harvest, and only a little then. 3rd season can harvest more, and harvest all season the 4th year. Caution: Do not eat the leaves of rhubarb plants as they contain oxalic acid which is toxic.


3 reviews for Rhubarb – Victoria

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    Great product from a wonderful company

  3. Angel N. (verified owner)

    I thought I had killed it, but it is doing well now. It didn’t grow much this first year, but it is alive, and I’m hoping for a growth spurt next year.

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