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I love the quality of your seeds however I have a problem with the fact you have not had Missouri wonder pole beans even early this year.. when will you get some ?? thankd

July 2, 2021   mt. vernon ky. 40456   
Really good quality seeds  

Greatly please with the seeds , fast shipping too .

June 2, 2021   Texas   
I believe in GOD, County, and Family (Which includes everyone.  

I am 81 years old and old enough to remember how vegetables are supposed to taste. Heirloom and open pollinated seeds is what this country was raised on and it should be today as well. I love purchasing seeds from St Clare Seeds and believe that a company that puts GOD first above all things is the way to go. We also should all have a "Victory Garden" like I remember everyone had when I was a child. Don't depend on the grocery store for you food, grow it yourself, It tastes better and is better for you. Live long and prosper St Clare and keep up the great work. GOD knew what he was doing when he first made the seeds. We should not assume the we know better than him. Do not change what he created. Go heirloom and open pollinated seeds and buy them from St Clare Seeds.

May 20, 2021   Jersey Village (My mail will also go to Houston even though were are a city unto ourselves.   
Best plants come from the best seeds who come from the best people!  

Amen, I say to you, John and Sarah are the best and you can't get anything but the highest quality products and service here with them.
✝️🙏 They really go out of their way to spread the love of gardening and the love of God throughout the world with each and every transaction.
Thank you so much for your generosity to me.
Erica in Los Angeles 🙏✝️👍🕊️

April 23, 2021   Van Nuys   
Exceeded expectations  

I can’t not say enough positive things about my experience with St Clare Heirloom Seeds. My seeds arrived in a very timely manner, exactly as ordered, with a hand signed note and extra growing tips and resources included. The seeds are packaged in clearly labeled, ziploc bags within the envelopes to assure safe storage for unused seeds to be used the following year and the seeds are growing beautifully in our home, getting ready to transfer outside when the weather permits. The quality and foundation of the company truly made me feel as though I was a part of the family. We will be getting our seeds from St Clare’s every year!

March 22, 2021   Bishopville, MD   

I just received my first order from St. Claire Seeds and was surprised how quickly the order came and with a free package of carrot seeds as a gift! I am so happy to have discovered this company and, although it’s -24 degrees outside, it definitely put me in a springtime mood to find my order in my mailbox.. I’ll definitely be back for more!

February 16, 2021  
Excited to Start Planting  

I ordered many seeds this year from St. Clare because they are Pro-family, Pro-God, Pro-America! I have been gardening for several years, so to finally find a seed company that has very similar values is a huge blessing. I plan to continue to support St. Clare Seeds!

January 20, 2021   Missouri   
Amazing Seeds  

Just received my seeds, they arrived on time, and each packet provided instructions on planting and care which is incredible useful to us beginners. There was also a sweet note and even a free packet of seeds!

January 14, 2021   Cary   

god bless america we surly need it

December 31, 2020   eagle river alaska   

  My soon to be Wife and I would like to sincerely Thank You ( everyone involved ! ), for the prompt & very friendly service we received from your fantastic company.
  I'm trying to get her into gardening and once we found your website and read through everything, we knew it was the clear cut choice ( there were very many) to help get our first Family garden up and going...and have seeds for years to come.
  All of the seeds look spectacular and there is plenty of excitement here to see the amazing plants they will become
  We look very forward to doing business with you again !

  May God's Grace be with you everywhere you go and we wish you all very happy gardening !

Mike & Amber ~

November 30, 2020   Danville   
10.0 out of 10.0  

This is the second season - for Spring 2021 - that I've bought seeds from St. Clare Seeds. As a business, their prices are excellent vis-s-vis the "big seed companies", service is prompt - delivery a few days after I placed my order and communication - confirmation & shipping info - timely and accurate. Good service. But over and above good service, the seeds are top quality. The seeds germinate, plants grow, flowers bloom abundantly. It doesn't get any better than that.

November 10, 2020   Berwyn, IL   

Just received my order. So quick and easy and loved the God Bless America sticker!!!! Looking forward to spring and growing indoors will get me through another Michigan winter! Thank you, God Bless!!!

October 27, 2020   48101   
First time buyer  

They had everything I ordered. Less then a week turnaround. Exelent.

September 27, 2020   Ohio   

I ordered seeds at the beginning of the shut downs this year and they arrived pretty quick. All seeds came up and are growing beautifully. Will be ordering from St. Claire from now on and recommending to everyone.

June 6, 2020  
Great Selection & Service...  

I was so pleased to find a company with seeds that are non-GMO and such a great variety. I also appreciate that they are an American company. My package came fast and complete, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thank You

June 2, 2020   Utah   
Seed order  

I feel very blessed to have ordered seeds from St. Claire Seeds. Even with the pandemic going on, the neat seed packages with planting info came in 10 days. Nice selection of seeds for our family!

May 25, 2020   Green Bay   
New Customer for Life  

I just received my first order and am very happy. Shipping was fast and each packet of seeds included a bag for storage. I highly recommend and will be buying again!

May 21, 2020   Fort Lauderdale, FL   
My order  

I am very pleased with how quickly I received my order. I will definitely order from here again. Anxious to plant them and start my garden.

April 27, 2020   Pennsylvania   
Thank you  

Thank you for the great service! Also am blessed by your value on family, as well as providing quality seeds that are heirloom non GMOs etc. God bless you

April 19, 2020   St Louisville   
Love the service and the products  

I have always received excellent, timely service from St. Clare Seeds. Love the family friendly, Christian vibes from this company!

March 20, 2019  
The Best!  

Garden planning is fun for us as a family. I didn’t expect to receive my seeds so quickly! I’m definitely ordering more. We’re so happy to support this family-run business.

February 14, 2019   Spring Grove, IL   
Great Seeds and Great Service  

I love ordering from this wonderful company. Very fast service and my seeds germinate well. I found two varieties of white tomatoes here that we absolutely love. Sweet and juice White Wonder and Great White are really delicious! We keep planting these year after year. Heirloom tomatoes are just delicious! I can't wait for next year's growing season!

October 24, 2017   Kentucky   
great seeds  

I have been buying seeds from St clare's for about 5 years. I found my popcorn seeds here, then started buying my other garden seeds here. Very dependable, and seeds are great producers.

August 3, 2017   california   
Every seed we planted grew  

I planted about half the seeds from the order below. I'm happy to report that every seed sprouted and grew, which surprised me. Thank you for including the radish seeds as well. I gave them to a family member who has more garden space and they have been very happy with them.

Tomato - Black Krim
Tomato - Heirloom Rainbow Blend
Tomato - Cherokee Purple

June 17, 2017   Boston, Massachusetts   
The Best Seed Company I Know Of  

As a full-time market farmer, this is the greatest small seed company I know of. I have ordered from about 35 companies over the past 5 years and St Clare is the Best. I prefer to order from 3 companies only now, due to the quality of non-gmo seeds, and St Clare is one of them. St. Clair is my go to company for open pollinated seeds. I cannot tell you how many seed companies must be selling old seeds that have poor germination. I feel I can truly trust St Clare Seeds, and they have been on the non-gmo campaign way longer than most companies. Thanks for keeping God's Command in doing the best you can in your line of work. Peace!!!

April 5, 2017   Arkansas   
Title of Testimonial Our friend  

St. Clare Heirloom Seeds feels to us like a trusted friend. We held on to some of our seed for several years and were delighted that we still had a very high germination rate. There is consolation in having top quality heirloom seed safely tucked away for times of necessity. Thank you John and Sarah! Blessings galore to you.

March 27, 2017   Michigan   

we've been happy customers for 5 years. love telling our friends about St Clare's and couldn't be happier to support a Catholic family business. keep up the great work and may God bless you abundantly.

March 28, 2016   Maryland   

I'd like to keep this secret to myself, but ... St. Clare's worm casts are miraculous. They work wonders, rejuvenating plants I thought would never survive much less thrive. They've given my tired container gardens a new lease on life.

March 3, 2016   Michigan   

Excellent quality and service so prompt I almost didn't get my browser window closed before my seeds arrived. Well-vetted list of organic, non-GMO seeds. I had my best crop of tomatoes ever from St. Clare's heirloom mix.

February 27, 2016   Michigan   

I have been a customer of St Clare for at least four years! They have been awesome and timely in response in correspondence.i have only had one issue of germination of which they were totally responsive and resolved in a professional and more than positive response! Thank you St Clare I feel confident every time I order that I will get good product, service and care!

February 11, 2016  

Found this company while searching for GMO free seeds. Placed my order and received the seeds in two days!

January 21, 2016  

I was very impressed by the website. Ordered a number of seeds and received them and 1 free packet within a couple of days. Very impressed can not wait to plant the seeds. Already have told others and they are going to order as well. Will definitely order from again.

January 21, 2016  

I ordered my vegetable garden seeds from St. Clare's after seeing all of the positive reviews on GardenWatchdog. I was not disappointed!! My seeds were shipped within a day and I received everything that had been ordered, they even included some free broccoli! There was also a handwritten thank you note from John and Sarah, as well as some helpful materials about gardening in general. I loved that I was able to order from a small family business and that everything was heirloom and non treated/GMO. I look forward to ordering from them again and would highly recommend them.

January 21, 2016  

Love the selection, immediate service and commitment to ideals that reflect my own- please keep up the good work and may God Bless

January 21, 2016  

I have purchased seeds from them for several years. Prompt and great service. Wonderful seeds that have resulted in a great harvest.

January 21, 2016  

John & Sarah treated me like a friend. In placing an order for several families (to share shipping costs), I realized after the fact that I'd missed a list. I emailed to ask if I could add the extra seeds, and they very graciously said I could either place a second order & they'd refund the second shipping charge (sending all the seeds together), or I could send the list of seeds I'd missed & they'd redo the order for me. They even offered to separate out the seeds from the different orders in the packaging! I placed a second order (to spare them the trouble), and they did refund the extra shipping charge on the credit card. The seeds arrived quickly, in good condition, and in generous amounts (I'm sharing the extras with other gardening friends). I loved doing business with them!

January 21, 2016  

I was pleased with how quickly St. Clare Heirloom Seeds shipped my seed order. They offer a lot of seed items that I use everyday and their prices are very reasonable. I will be ordering from them again. I originally found them when I was searching for planting information.

January 21, 2016  

I just sent in my third order! That says a lot, doesn't it?
I love the abundance of great info about planting and what to expect from the seed I order. I'm very happy with the results I've had and look forward to another great year of gardening. Highly recommended product and service!

January 21, 2016  

I ordered seeds by mail and received them in 3 days. I was impressed by the prompt service and I'm excited to see how the seeds do! I also received a couple "freebies" with my order which is always fun. Will most likely be ordering seeds from this company again as I have started ordering heirloom and/or open-pollinated seeds and I feel this company's values mirror my own.

January 21, 2016  

As a new gardener I need lots of information. They send a newsletter with their shipment and I enjoyed that very much! The seeds look good and are well packaged. They are not planted but I'm excited!

January 21, 2016  

I decided to place an order with St. Clare for various seeds and WOW, my order came speedy fast. I couldn't be happier with my first experience with St. Clare and I will definitely be a returning customer. I also received a few "freebies" with my order, and I'm very happy.

January 21, 2016  

Very happy with my order, will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.

January 21, 2016  

Quite a wonderful seed company! I purchased beet and radish seed from them and it all arrived quite quickly, with informative papers to help you along with growing what you purchased. I even received a little bonus packet of seed and sample pack of earthworm castings! Will definitely buy from them again!

January 21, 2016  

I have yet to start germinating any of the seeds (they look to be of excellent quality) but I am so very satisfied already! I bought worm castings (very good rich quality and organic) which have the shipping already worked into the cost and are shipped Priority Mail along with 8 packets of seed. St.Clare's Seeds added an additional pack of FREE Heirloom Tomatoes! Isn't that nice? -- Also, I ordered late in the evening on 1/28 and received my order (both the castings and the seed) on 1/31. Amazingly quick turnaround! A good faith and family oriented company. I will definitely continue to do business with them and will encourage my associates to do the same.

January 21, 2016  

Thank you St Clare Seeds. We received excellent service. Our seeds arrived on time. When we ordered on the internet my computer was not working as well as St Clare Seeds computers. I pushed the submit button one to many times my charges was times three. I then wrote them and email in which their reply was very prompt. They returned my money as they said they would. Thank you for being the most honest people we have ever done business with.
Scott and Cindy

January 21, 2016  

My new favorite seed sellers!!! We purchased seed from St. Clare's last year. I had the biggest, most beautiful marigolds ever! We were pleased with all of the seed that we purchased. The order arrived very quickly and everything we planted grew well. We highly recommend them! Oh, and their customer service is outstanding, as we needed to add to one of our orders and it was no problem at all.

January 21, 2016  

This is the first time I have made a purchase from St. Clare Seeds based on their high ratings with the Garden Watchdog. The seeds I ordered were received very promptly. I will make a purchase from them in the future.

January 21, 2016  

Excellent website with some neat hard to find items. Great selections. I ordered labels for my canning jars as well with my order. Haven't seen those offered on a site before! Seeds and items ordered came quickly and organized and packaged perfectly. Love ordering from company's like this. Glad I found them and will gladly use them for my next seed purchase. Highly recommend

January 20, 2016