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Easy Peel Tomatoes

Easy Peel Tomatoes - St. Clare Heirloom Seeds
Easy Peel Heirloom Tomatoes - St. Clare Heirloom Seeds
Nothing tastes quite as good as you own homemade spaghetti sauce, made from your own heirloom tomatoes, in the middle of winter.

The canning season may be over for most of us gardeners but we are excited about this tip that we discovered through a customer inquiry. We have always gone with the “blanch and peel” method of peeling tomatoes for canning, a messy and at times difficult method, but it works. However, when a customer asked us if we had a better method we thought we’d go looking and see what we could find. Our new favorite method: Gas-Flame Peeling! For more info on Easy Peel Tomatoes and other methods of peeling your favorite heirloom tomatoes click on over to

Easy Peel Tomatoes

Easy Peel Tomatoes - St. Clare Heirloom Seeds
Photo from K.S.

Our customer K.S. and her husband tested the Gas-Flame Method, and gave us some helpful tips that they found made the process even better. “Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I did try the gas stove option and it works! What we did to improve on this is to use a metal ‘funnel’ for concentrating the heat not only making this process faster, but more energy efficient too. We already have a large metal ‘funnel’ that is part of a food mill Squeezo All Metal Food Mill which you can put upside down over the stove burner and makes a very good funnel for this purpose. Double teaming effort – hubby ‘roasting’ tomato skins off, placing them in a broad low bowl, allows cooling so wife can peel cooled skins off and cut into canning sizes and filling jars. 2 such bowls allow trading off processed tomatoes between hubby and wife. ”

Having a team of canners sure does make the process smoother, and more pleasant, too. 🙂 Thanks K.S. for the tip!

If other customers try this Easy Peel Tomatoes method, let us know how it works for you, we love hearing from you all.

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