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Bean – Taylor Dwarf Horticultural


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(a.k.a. October, Taylor Long Podded Dwarf Horticultural, Improved Pinto, Shelley Bean, Taylor Horticultural Improved) (Phaseolus vulgaris) 52-68 days.    Dry Bean    Dating back to the 1800s, the Taylor Dwarf Horticultural Heirloom Bush Bean is a favorite old-time bean brought to the U.S. from Italy, a true heirloom. The light green pods turn an attractive cream and red pods at maturity, producing lovely tan seeds with maroon markings. Prolific, upright plants grow to 14-18″ in height, bearing numerous 5-6″ pods. Taylor Dwarf Horticultural does well in cool climates. Highly prized as shelly beans, pods are ready to pick for shelly beans when the red splashes appear. Taylor Dwarf Horticultural is also great for succotash, dry beans make a great addition to soups or chili.

Planting Instructions for Taylor Dwarf Horticultural Bean Seeds

Sow Heirloom / Open Pollinated Taylor Dwarf Horticultural beans 1-2″ deep, 2-6″ apart, in rows 18-36″ apart, in full sun after danger of frost. Soaking Taylor Dwarf Horticultural bean seeds in water 1-2 hours before planting speeds germination. Germination occurs in 4-16 days in soil 60-85°F. Provide support for heirloom pole bean varieties. For heirloom snap beans, harvest when beans are 3-6″ long. For dry beans, leave pods on plants until pods are dry, brown, and crisp, and beans are hard and rattle in pod, if more drying is needed when danger of frost has arrived, pick pods or pull entire plant and hang upside down to dry further.


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