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(Phaseolus vulgaris) 52-56 days.    Snap Bean    Purple Queen Beans are strong, compact, and upright 12-14″ bushes produce many 5-7½” pods that are a lovely deep, glossy, purple. The Purple Queen Bush Bean is known for it’s tender texture and rich taste. Best for eating fresh for the vitamins, and to enjoy the color. If picked young, the colorful raw pods make good eating in salads or minced into sandwich spreads for extra crunch. Taste great cooked, also, turning a brilliant dark-green. This variety is very hardy and productive. Due Purple Queen’s tolerance of cooler temperatures, it can be planted 2 weeks earlier than most varieties.

Planting Instructions for Purple Queen Bean Seeds

Sow Heirloom / Open Pollinated Purple Queen beans 1-2″ deep, 2-6″ apart, in rows 18-36″ apart, in full sun after danger of frost. Soaking bean seeds in water 1-2 hours before planting speeds germination. Germination occurs in 4-16 days in soil 60-85°F. Provide support for heirloom pole bean varieties. For snap beans, harvest when beans are 3-6″ long. For dry beans, leave pods on plants until pods are dry, brown, and crisp, and beans are hard and rattle in pod, if more drying is needed when danger of frost has arrived, pick pods or pull entire plant and hang upside down to dry further.

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