Kohlrabi – Early White Vienna

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250 Seeds per pack

(Brassica oleracea) 56 days.       Early White Vienna Open Pollinated Kohlrabi bulbs have pale green skin with white flesh. Early White Vienna is very popular.

Planting Instructions for Early White Vienna Kohlrabi Seeds

Early White Vienna Kohlrabi is a hardy biennial grown as an annual. Kohlrabi seeds can be started indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost, then set out transplants when there are 6-8 true leaves and nighttime temps remain above 30°F. Direct sow Kohlrabi seeds 3-4 weeks before the last frost in spring, or in late summer for a winter harvest. Plant Kohlrabi in full sun, ¼ – ½” deep, 1″ apart in rows 12-18″ apart. Thin Kohlrabi plants to or set out transplants 3-8″ apart. Germination of Kohlrabi seeds should occur in 5-17 days in soil 55-75°F. For extended harvest of Kohlrabi, stagger plantings throughout a month in spring or fall plantings. For tender sweet Kohlrabi, harvest when stem reaches 2″ in diameter. For general use and storage crop harvest at 3-5″ in diam. Fall Kohlrabi crops will remain hardy to 10°F.

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