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(a.k.a. Shoepeg Corn) (Zea mays) 83-100 days.       Introduced in 1890 by Frank C. Woodruff of S. D. Woodruff & Sons, from Orange, Connecticut and the following year by Peter Henderson & Co. of New York. Country Gentleman Non GMO Sweet Corn is an old-fashioned “shoe peg” type corn, meaning the creamy white kernels are in an irregular pattern as opposed to rows. Stalks grow to 7-8′ tall, producing up to 3 ears each. Ears grow to 8″, with tender, sweet, and creamy kernels. Makes some of the best cream corn you’ll ever taste, which freezes well, giving you a taste of delicious sweet corn from your garden even on the most bitter winter days! Good for canning and freezing whole as well. Master fishermen find it makes a superior corn bait. Country Gentleman Non GMO has better resistance to corn smut than earlier, smaller varieties of sweet corn.

Planting Instructions for Country Gentleman Non GMO Corn Seeds

Country Gentleman Non GMO Corn is a warm to hot season annual, sensitive to cool soil. Direct seed heirloom corn when soil reaches 65-70°F. Plant seeds 1- 2″ deep, 4-6″ apart, in rows 20-30″ apart, in full sun. Corn is wind pollinated, so plant in blocks of at least 4 rows. Germination should occur in 4 – 10 days in soil 65-85°F. When Country Gentleman Non GMO plants reach 4-5″ tall thin to 8-12″ apart.

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