Cucumber – Spacemaster 80 Bush

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(Cucumis sativus) 57-64 days.       This bush cucumber is perfect for small gardens, raised beds, or growing in containers, providing easy access at harvest. The Spacemaster 80 Bush Cucumber has fine flavor, and does not turn bitter, even when grown in full sun. Bred by Dr. Henry M. Munger of Cornell University and released in 1980. These compact plants produce very high yields of 7-8″ fruits, dark green and smooth. Pick frequently for continual yields. Try them as Grandma always prepared them with onions, soaked in vinegar and salt and pepper. Oh, they were delicious! Disease resistance: downy and powdery mildews, scab, and mosaic virus.

Planting Instructions for Spacemaster 80 Bush Cucumber Seeds

Heirloom Spacemaster 80 Bush Cucumbers are heat loving, frost sensitive vines. Plant heirloom cucumber seeds in full sun, ½ – ¾” deep, in 1′ diameter hills of 4-6 seeds each, 3-4′ apart. Germination occurs in 4-13 days in soil 70-95°F. Thin to 1-2 plants per hill. In short season climates you can start Spacemaster 80 Bush cucumber seeds indoors 3 weeks before last frost, in individual peat pots at least 3½” across. Harden off Spacemaster 80 Bush cucumbers plants for 1 week before setting out. Harvest regularly for continuous production, making sure to pick overripe cucumbers that were missed. Heirloom slicing cucumbers are best when uniformly green, firm and crisp. For pickles harvest cucumbers when 2-6″ according to preference.

12 reviews for Cucumber – Spacemaster 80 Bush

  1. Myra

    Hands down my favorite cucumber variety! In southwest Ks our heat is really hard on cukes and most varieties turn bitter easily. This one stays sweet and fresh far longer in the season than others!

  2. Thomas F. (verified owner)

    They were delicious, and very prolific, but vining , not bush.

  3. Elizabeth C. (verified owner)

    Waiting to plant….will let you know…..your seeds have never disappointed me!

  4. Carol S. (verified owner)

  5. Susan Bright (verified owner)

    Hearty and strong

  6. Michael Fox (verified owner)

  7. Ellen (verified owner)

  8. karen bergerson (verified owner)

  9. Christine Denny (verified owner)

  10. Cheryl L. (verified owner)

  11. Kathy (verified owner)

    I am growing my garden in a greenhouse that was just put up this year, because the weather is so crazy, I have lost my whole garden because of it the last 3 years. This Heirloom variety is just perfect for planting in pots.

  12. Patricia Stone (verified owner)

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