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This Garden Planner is a handy, easy-to-use, planning tool for the home and hobby gardener. The chart shows proper indoor and outdoor planting times relative to average spring and fall killing frost dates for (22) common garden vegetables, and provides basic planting data. The frost date adjusts, making St. Clare’s garden planner useful in most parts of the country, where frost is a critical gardening factor. The “Time Phased” format allows the gardener to visualize the sequence of events for planting and harvest activities. Seeding info provided on the slide makes the chart a great shopping aid, and useful planting guide at the garden site.

3 reviews for St. Clare Garden Planner

  1. Christina (verified owner)

    Very handy reference

  2. Gary Cook (verified owner)

  3. Elizabeth Richards (verified owner)

    Very easy to understand! I cannot wait for my winter garden!

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