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(Citrullus lanatus) 73 days.       Crimson Sweet Open Pollinated Watermelon are the most popular watermelon sold today. The 20 to 25 lb fruits are oval to round with a thick rind a red flesh. Crimson Sweet has small seeds.

Planting Instructions for Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds

Crimson Sweet Watermelon are heat loving plants that prefer well drained loose soil and an even amount of water. Plant heirloom watermelon in rows or hills but make sure the soil is well warmed. In cooler climates, you can start watermelon seeds indoors 2-4 weeks. before last frost to extend the growing season. Plant seeds ½ – 1″ deep. Plant seeds or set out heirloom watermelon transplants in full sun. For rows plant 6-12″ apart, in rows 6-10′ apart. For hills plant 4-6 seeds per hill, in 1′ diameter hills, with hills 6-10′ apart. Germination should occur in 3-10 days in soil 70-85°F. In hills thin to 2 plants per hill. In rows thin plants to or set out transplants 24-36″ apart. Harvest heirloom watermelon when fruit sounds hollow when thumped, when surface color turns dull, or underside turns yellow.

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