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(Zea mays) 90 days.       A great variety for a number of uses. Non-GMO Hickory King is a dent corn used for roasting (when young), grits, corn-nuts, corn meal, and tortilla flour. Considered the best variety for hominy because the skin of the kernel is easily removed by soaking. The large flavorful kernels are the largest kernels of any variety of corn. Makes perfect trellises for beans, with it’s very tall, sometimes 12′ stalks. Ears grow to 7-8″ with 10-12 rows of kernels. Does well in poor soil. Husks are tighter than most varieties and give excellent protection from beetles and earworm. Good disease tolerance.

Planting Instructions for Hickory King Non-GMO Corn Seeds

Heirloom Hickory King Non GMO Corn is a warm to hot season annual, sensitive to cool soil. Direct seed heirloom corn when soil reaches 65-70°F. Plant seeds 1- 2″ deep, 4-6″ apart, in rows 20-30″ apart, in full sun. Corn is wind pollinated, so plant in blocks of at least 4 rows. Hickory King germination should occur in 4 – 10 days in soil 65-85°F. When plants reach 4-5″ tall thin to 8-12″ apart.

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