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(a.k.a. True Lemon, White Lemon, Lemon Apple, Apple Shaped, Apple, Crystal Apple, Lemon Crystal) (Cucumis sativus) 58 – 70 days.       Lemon Cucumbers have a real rich yellow skin when ripe and the flesh is white, crisp, mild, and burpless. Lemon cucumbers are much sweeter than other cucumbers and are great in salads. Fruit are shaped like a lemon or and apple and are not long.

Planting Instructions for Lemon Cucumber Seeds

Heirloom / Open Pollinated Cucumbers are heat loving, frost sensitive vines. Plant heirloom cucumber seeds in full sun, ½ – ¾” deep, in 1′ diameter hills of 4-6 seeds each, 3-4′ apart. Germination occurs in 4-13 days in soil 70-95°F. Thin to 1-2 plants per hill. In short season climates you can start cucumber seeds indoors 3 weeks before last frost, in individual peat pots at least 3½” across. Harden off heirloom cucumbers plants for 1 week before setting out. Harvest regularly for continuous production, making sure to pick overripe cucumbers that were missed. Heirloom slicing cucumbers are best when uniformly green, firm and crisp. For pickles harvest cucumbers when 2-6″ according to preference.


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